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Esittely suomeksi

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.
-Roger Caras-

Kennel Begbie is a small home kennel in Tampere, about 1 h and 30 minutes from Helsinki to the north. I breed Bichon Frises and Scottish Terriers.

Sweet'n Rosy Betti
Our first Bichon Frise was SWEET'N ROSY BETTI "Mimmi" which came home in 1999 and she had two litters. Mimmi was still very lively at 11 years old and it was a big surprise when we found out that she had cancer in her liver. We were forced to put her to sleep in August 2008. In 2005 I purchased a new bitch to base my breeding from Mrs. Eeva Simola, SEMPRE LIBERA HANDS FREE "Armi". Armi has proved out to be real beauty queen according to her name (Finnish Miss Universum Armi Kuusela-Hilario).

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We had no intention to change the breed but we met a lovely Scottish Terrier female TÄHTIRATA BLACK ROSE "Manta" and it was love at first sight. My scottiebreeding started in 2004 by Manta. Before that it took one and a half year to find wheaten male MELKIY BES RAHAT LUKUM "Väinö" beside Manta. These basic members of our kennel as well as puppies are living with our family as beloved home members.



When I was a child we had some terriers at home. Black and Tan coloured Australian Terrier Ami was an enthusiastic camper like his owners. Ami had very sweet and kind temperament.


I got my first own dog, wheaten coloured Cairn Terrier Zany, when I was 15 years old. Together we took part on trimming courses and so I was able to trim my dog by myself at 15 years of age. Though Zany was somewhat persistent among many things there were never problems what comes on trimming his coat. When I moved away from home my parents got a West Highland White Terrier Winston.


My next dog was purchased together with my husband, it was a Smooth Fox Terrier called Huli. It was really sad when my husband became allergic and we had to give Huli away. But we didn't to give up and in 1996 we decided to try if Bichon Frise would be ok for us. Problems never appeared. Then we got a Scottish Terrier by a little accidence in 2000. We were supposed to take care of 3 months old female Scottie until she would find a new home. I am so happy about this chance, of course we couldn't give her away anymore and so Manta found the home she was looking for. Later she also got a Scottie friend, wheaten coloured Väinö.

Club activities

I have accoplished Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's exams in 2003. Afterwards I requested my own prefix and old scottish name BEGBIE was approved. I am member of the Finnish Kennel Club and signed the breeder's commitment in 2003. I am also member of Finnish breed clubs Bichon Frise ry and Skotlanninterrierikerho ry, The Scottish Terrier Club (England) and SuKoKa ry (Finnish Dog Breeders Club). I have been a board member of the Scottish Terrier Club since 2006 and I was also a secterary during 2007-2013 and again from the beginning of 2019.